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Loyal Studios is a production service company that helps make professional content production happen. Our production services include location services, crew booking and professional equipment.

Studio 1 now features a RGB remote controlled LED Grid.

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Why Loyal Studios?

Loyal Studios has been helping producers with pre-lit green screen locations for over 20 years. Through our network of partner studios, we understand green screen production and will help you find a studio that fits your project.

Loyal Studios has the capability to do multi-camera, live switched projects which have the option of using our library of 25,000 of virtual sets and digital backplates. Loyal also has a top-level editorial team capable of professional editing, VFX, graphics, animation, color correction, and sound design.



NOVEMBER 21, 2017
“Loyal Studios is our favorite place to shoot, the fun vibe takes the edge off of a production day."


MARCH 24, 2016
“This space was awesome! great experience! Our Talent & Crew Loved the environment,You get worried with all the Dinky, Old soundstages that are around these days. A friend who shot here referred Loyal to me, so glad we ended up with such a great soundstage! I worked as a DP here for a Music Video Shoot, they had a great playback system on the stage, We had half of the stage repainted White and other half was green screen. It was the perfect size for what we were shooting and such a great layout throughout the studio overall. Not only that but the stage is pre-lit so made our setup that much easier. I'm so glad we found this hidden gem! Will for sure be coming back here for future productions."


FEBRUARY 10, 2016
“I've worked shoots at many locations before, but Loyal Studios is definitely a standout. If you've worked on any set, you know how important is to be working with professionals who know what they're doing. I worked with Rose who made everything a breeze, from booking the shoot to making sure it went smoothly on the day off. For the first time in a long time we were able to wrap sooner than expected. Thanks Loyal, we'll be back!"


AUGUST 20, 2016
"We shoot a lot of network spots here often. It's always been a great experience. The place has a real nostalgic feel. Good location, great prices. Friendly staff. Can't go wrong."