Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental

Loyal Studios has been involved with production since we built our first studio in 2002. Our Founder Bob Bekian is a Producer/Director and formally owned a Camera rental Company. Our experience as an equipment provider and our connections to the top People and Equipment are what separate us from the other studios and frankly many rental houses. We understand production because we do production. Additionally, we have relationships with ARRI, RED, SONY, Canon, Panasonic and Kino Flo which enable us to obtain the best and latest equipment for our Studio Clients.

Often our clients save time and money on their productions by sourcing their crew and equipment through Loyal Studios. Arriving at the studio with a Pro Crew and the best equipment is a welcome service and a great way to start out a shoot. Having to obtain and return rental equipment and book crew is time consuming and costly. Let Loyal Studios be your one-stop-shop for equipment rentals and get the right equipment at the right price.

Other rentals offered by Loyal Studios include Props, Furniture, Set Pieces and Artwork.

In addition to our 5-ton grip and lighting package, review our other available equipment by clicking the button below.

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