By: Bob Bekian Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that has evolved from a novelty into a powerful business tool. One of the ways the medical device sector has adopted AR is by developing interactive training programs for devices. These tools help Doctors and Technicians understand a products usage, features and benefits using interactive digital
By: Bob Bekian Multi camera video production gives a production the opportunity to have multiple camera angles, and as a result, a higher quality video production. Los Angeles is a hub for video content production ranging from small independent YouTube “Influencers” creating content for their channels to high-end brand commercials done by large agencies. The
As the need for video content increases, the production process is taking place everywhere. From highly-financed professional productions to low-budget user generated content, Video has become the proven method to tell stories in a cluttered online world. The typical method for producing a video has been to create the project using multiple resources such as
By: Bob Bekian Every brand is now focusing on content production. Advertising agencies and businesses have realized that good quality content (primarily video) is essential for brand storytelling. There are several reasons why I believe that Los Angeles is the best place in the world to produce video content. Los Angeles has the technology. Because
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By: Bob Bekian, Digital Producer & Studio Owner Los Angeles County has been a center for Entertainment Production, dating back to when the original Studio owners came from New York to sunny L.A. in the early 1900’s. Hollywood was established as the center for Film and Television production at this time because the studios could
By: Bob Bekian, Digital Producer & Studio Owner We are all overwhelmed with the amount of advertising messages we are exposed to every day. From digital pop-up Ads to Billboards, some researchers have published that we are exposed to up to 1000 brand messages per day. So the question becomes, “How do I get my brand
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By: Bob Bekian, Digital Producer & Studio Owner Los Angeles has become the center for Digital Content and Green Screen techniques have become crucial to the process. Green and Blue have become the colors of choice when taking live action video, compositing and matching it with digital content from another source. Green color, (specifically Neon or “Chroma”)