Chroma Key

Chroma Key

Loyal Studios has been producing chroma key projects since 2005. Our studio is designed as a pre-lit solution for clients needing to shoot on a chroma key background and “key-in” digital content files.

The lighting grid at Loyal Studios has been designed to provide an even lighting source across the background that can be painted green, blue, white, black, and even pink. In addition to the pre-lit walls, Loyal Studios has installed strategic “backlight” positions on the grid in order to help separate the subject from the background screen in post-production.

Another feature that differentiates Loyal Studios from other studios is our multi purpose control room. Multiple camera signals can be sent to the control room and an engineer can produce a “live key” for our clients. This means that we can adjust lighting or talent positions in real time during the production day, versus waiting the do it later in post production. Within the engineering control room, Loyal Studios also has an extensive library of virtual sets, digital backgrounds, and music which clients may license for their content.

After 800 chroma key projects, Loyal Studios has emerged as the most experienced chroma key studio in Los Angeles.

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