green screen loyal studios camera

Pre-Lit Green Screen / Live-Stream Stage

4,000 Sq/Ft Facility


green screen loyal studios camera

31' x 26' x 14' Pre-Lit Soundstage

post production editing loyal studios vfx

Live Streaming Control Room w/25,000 Virtual Sets

50's Diner with Commercial Kitchen
(Also a shooting location)

vip dressing room loyal studios

VIP Talent Room

Loyal Studios pre-lit green screen studios are a favorite of Reality Show Producers

Loyal Studios Burbank offers live-keying services with many virtual backgrounds available (or we will incorporate yours!)


Loyal Studios Burbank is the premiere pre-lit green screen production facility in Los Angeles. For over 20 years, Our Pre-lit studios have been the preferred locations for Producers anywhere in the world to producer their green screen projects and participate either in-person or through our high speed fiber network remotely. Loyal Studios Burbank was the first studio in Los Angeles to develop a pre-lit soundstage which saves important production time so our clients can focus on talent, creative and content rather than rigging lights to properly light a green screen cyclorama.

Currently, Loyal Studios Burbank has a fully remote-controlled lighting grid which includes 22 Kino Flo Freestyle RGB (full-color spectrum) lights . The lights have a full spectrum of Tungsten to Daylight controls in order to give a project the immediate look that is required. Reality Production Companies such as 51 Minds, Critical Content, Evolution Films and Original
Productions all regularly use Loyal Studios pre-lit green screen for their reality show content. The Cyclorama studio at Loyal Studios Burbank also includes a complimentary 5-Ton Grip and
lighting package which includes LED Lighting, Traditional ARRI Fresnel Lighting and Kino Flo Fluorescent lighting as well as solids, stands, dana dolly and multi-cam capability to integrate
into our control room and livestream content.

Loyal Studios pre-lit green screen studio also offers a complimentary remote streaming system to connect remotely to multiple locations throughout the world at the same time.
Remote production is one of the fastest growing types of production as travel can cost up to 50% of a production budget. Loyal Studios has the capability for off-site participants to see the camera view as well as interact with the cast and crew from anywhere there is internet bandwidth.

If you are looking for a pre-lit green screen stage in Los Angeles, Loyal Studios has all of the components needed for a professional cyclorama shoot and can help you reduce creative production costs.

Loyal Studios pre-lit green screen stage is the perfect place to host your music video production, reality show production, commercial production and Influencer content.