Los Angeles Cyclorama

Why Use Loyal Studios?

We've been the Los Angeles cyclorama pros for 20 years.

  • Fully Permitted production location.
  • Over-Under Cove for a seamless shot
  • Pre-Lit green screen.
  • Post Production In-House
  • 5-Ton Grip & Lighting Package

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Why We Can Help

Looking for a Los Angeles cyclorama? Loyal Studios has hosted dozens of professional white cyclorama shoots ranging from ESPN National promotions to professional photography projects.

What Sets Us Apart

What makes the Loyal Studios Cyclorama unique is the Cyc's wall. Our Cyc wall is completely pre-lit with an extensive grid starting at 14’ above the floor. In addition, our cyc features a custom-designed “over-cove”. This is a rounded cove at the top of the wall in addition to the bottom cove.

Bob Bekian, an experienced producer himself, designed this feature to allow producers to shoot from a low angle looking up, providing an infinite white background instead of a typical ceiling that most studios have. Loyal Studios is the ideal location for your next production.

How to Get Started

Like what you see? Feel free to fill out the form above or schedule a tour. Loyal Studios can help you save time and reduce costs on your next project.