Pre-Lit Green Screen

Pre-Lit Green Screen

Designed and owned by commercial producer Bob Bekian, Loyal Studios has been built to help producers create their content in a professional and functional environment. Our 3-walled Cyclorama has an under-cove and an over-cove so that typical infinite background shots and low angle shots can be accomplished with a seamless ceiling. The Pre-Lit Green Screen is the perfect size for virtual and augmented reality, interviews, music videos, visual effects and other projects needing a pre-lit solution for their production.

The lighting on the green screen has been specially designed to provide an even, metered spectrum of light, which is the first step in creating a successful key (replacing the green with another digital element). There is a grid which has been specially positioned for back-lighting; another important element in a professional green screen project.

Loyal Studios has an integrated control room able to handle a 5 camera shoot. These cameras are then fed into our equipment, enabling a live switch and a live key (being able to see the replacement element in real time during your production rather than waiting until post production). Loyal Studios has one of the most experienced editorial teams in the industry for green screen editing, combined with the latest equipment, all in-house.

Feel free to come by and take a tour to see how Loyal Studios can help you save time and reduce costs on your next green screen project.

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